The school of tomorrow

Because I strongly believe in a better world, I have decided to introduce you a big stream of thoughts about education.

How do you see the school of tomorrow ?

Feel free to join us by sending your free video response !

What is the purpose of the project ?

– I would like to create constructive and positive approach of school, including every single person around the world, gathering people from different backgrounds and cultures (no matter their titles, social status, languages or ages).
– I would like to bring hope in a realistic way as the final goal is to lay the foundations of a future school that will emerge in the south of Spain.
– Our goal is not to criticize the existing model but rather to build something new.

How to participate ?

– Answer this single question in a totally free video response :
How do you see the school of tomorrow ?

(You can record your answer via your phone in horizontal position for example.)
– Send me your video.
– The more, the better ! You can share this information with any persons of your choice.
– Bear in mind that your video will be online on social networks.

Thank you !